Day 12

Hyderabad (where i live) is crazy right now! The floods are changing the scene of everyday life here. In my community, we had to break a wall to let the water drain. No power. Not even the DC generator as the gen room is filled with water and anytime fire outbreak can happen if we keep it running. The pneumatic pumps are not working either. So no water for even essentials. whoa, what a sea change to life in just one night. Reverence to all things nature 🙏

No wonder you didn’t get the newsletter on time today. In all this craziness, the 21 day quest is going strong. The meal happened at 4 PM. I am so hungry and I wait for the clock to strike 4. I ate so mindfully with absolute gratitude. Every morsel made sense to me.

I am feeling supremely tired given the one meal. I had to have a fruit at 10 pm or so for the past two days to combat tiredness and tireless meetings. So exactly 4-8 is not happening but portion wise it is well controlled (may be a little more for the fruit side. The fruitarian in me is not regretting). Thanks to the BOWL method, my cognitive load is close to zero.

Hope the craze settles down with normal life here and I will resume updating the sheets accordingly.

🥂 to focus!

Yo! Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me as attention is the hardest currency 🙏

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