Combat Depression

Can you avoid prescription medication and still combat the D?

The title is bold and courageous. I don’t have a silver bullet as an answer but here are some sensible strategies that can help you get better in less than 10 weeks. The degree of the illness is important to note but wherever you are these strategies will help you get better. It may not heal you totally but betterment guaranteed.

Whatever argument scientists have for depression (genesis or genetics or chemical imbalance or immune system or whatever), the issue is real and painful. The person who suffers needs help. Period.

By the time you take help it may be too late. You might have lost a lot of time and energy in the process. Sometimes we lose the person itself. Working against the taboo and denial takes enough toll on you. I heart you when you say it is not easy ❣️ Yes, it is not easy. My advice is to be sensible about the healing process and start now.

  1. Like any other illness, this is also an illness. Just that some wounds are visible but some are not. That doesn’t take away the pain caused by the problem.

  2. Take help at the earliest so that you can save time, energy and money later. The opportunity cost of depression is very high. If you want a cost sheet, I can send you one. It includes tangibles and intangibles. The worst hit section of the cost sheet is your relationships. Don’t screw it up. Everyone is battling their own battles. Don’t make it hard on others and on yourself. All it needs is a little sense. Once a relationship is lost, it is hard to get it back. If you are ok to lose it, it is not worth discussing. I am talking about ones that could have been managed better. Don’t push the limits of someone’s compassion, they may break too.

  3. There is no one coming to save you. The best chance is you saving yourself as you know what is going on inside you.

  4. Sometimes all we need is a chemical that will do magic, don’t be stupid and resist chemicals in the name of side effects or principles or policies. If your body knows how to generate it would have done it. If it can’t please help it. It is just biology. Don’t make it psychology. If you need surgery

  5. Cut all toxicity in your life atleast when you are healing. Whether it is relationships or work or friends or whatever. You are more important than anyone else right now and the priority must be high on you. Don’t complicate the issue by adding complexities. Think like a problem solver.

  6. Create a safe environment for you to heal. A change in environment will do a lot of good for you. Just 12 weeks away from your current environment will help you better. The atlas will not be shrugged don’t worry. Make arrangements. For all you know your people will help you get better. Your intent to heal is 40% of healing itself.

  7. Take off from work. If not for 12 weeks, at least for 2 weeks for starters. If nothing make it quarter time (2 hours a day and that is all). If your leg is broken, would you not take off? Then why not for this? Reduce your cognitive load during this period. Stress does more harm to the condition than otherwise. Arousal of central nervous system is called stress and work is a stressor in that sense.

  8. Set a routine for the day. Whether you feel like it or not, ensure you have a morning and evening routine. Follow them diligently. It helps.

  9. Ensure you walk in nature during this healing period. The oxygen does magic to your brain. If you can jog or run please do. Helps in dopamine.

  10. Combine your walks with meditation practice or kriya yoga. This enables neurogenesis.

  11. Do one thing everyday. Get a dose of natural dopamine. I know it is hard to gear up energy to do anything but just do one thing. Slowly it heals and makes you feel better.

  12. Volunteering helps. Go help in slums, give your time and energy towards a cause. Natural oxytocin is generated.

  13. Have a gratitude journal. Jot down 3 things that you are grateful for everyday. It can be simple as I am grateful for the sun today morning.

  14. Have a healthy diet during this healing period. Keep your farm to fork close to zero.

  15. Rest helps. It need not be sleep. Just resting by sitting with eyes closed or just lying down on a lawn helps.

Principles & Phenomenon

  • Meet your truth. Start from where you are. Not above or below. Being truthful to self makes it easy. Meeting your ugly self is hard but stay with it.

  • This is the only body and mind you got for this life. There is no replacement whatsoever but there is a possibility of betterment so start from where you are and get better day by day.

  • Pain is good. Wallowing is good. Mood swings are good. Atleast you are alive to be aware of all of this. Remember you are healing now and the nature of the beast is painful. Allow it to go through the process. Don’t resist. Don’t beat yourself up.

  • Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Yesterday was yesterday. Don’t mix them up. Just because today is bad doesn’t mean tomorrow will also be bad. Finish that day within that day. Don’t have carry over.

  • Breakdown the problem into parts. You don’t need to deal with the whole. Whole is complex, intricate, connected and every changing. Part is easy, one dimensional, tangible and controllable.

  • Small wins help. Reward yourself for those small wins. A pat on your back by you in the most precious pat you can get as it is honest and well deserved.

  • Start treating yourself with care, love and respect. It goes a long way.

  • You are complete. You don’t need anyone to complete you. It would be great if someone completely accepts you but the probability of that occurrence is 0.1. I treat it as a bonus if such support and love is available this lifetime. Gratitude 🙏 Most human relationships are value based. Harsh truth 🤕

This list is written from the bottom of my heart. It flowed from personal experience by connecting dots in the hindsight. The intent of this listicle is to allow you to stand on my shoulders and see the world better. You don’t have to waste time or repeat the same mistakes again. Learn from other’s mistakes and strategies. Put a drop inside you and see how it resonates. Keep what makes sense, throw away everything else. In this way if you make strides you will progress. The progress is slow but sure.

When the demon pops up, I know how to slay it now. My resilience has enhanced exponentially over years by consistent practice. You can do it too. Pass this to someone you know who is combating depression. It may help them. Hope has been the best medicine so far and it works.

🥂to resilience!

Yo! Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me as attention is the hardest currency 🙏

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