Let me start with a big disclaimer that wellbeing is not equal to weight loss. Our human body is such a magnificent machine that it cannot be contained in a stupid number! It is far more complex, interconnected and fabulous. So your body mass is not everything.

If it is that stupid then why am i excited about this topic to write a series on it?

Here is why. I hate dis-ease in all forms and shapes. As a designer ease is the axis of my existence in all aspects. My job revolves around bringing ease to human race. As the word implies, dis-ease puts us out of ease. I am saying this because I have been in that state for a long period of my life.

I was born with an autoimmune condition which we discovered only at the age of 7 when things got worse. It is called Rheumatoid Fever and even today if you look at my chest x ray my heart will be perpendicular in position (scaring the hell out of everyone). To save my heart from breaking the valves, I was kept under medication till i turned 18. A jab on Tuesday and Thursday to a point i can’t sit properly for all those years. It was a living hell.

Every kid had 24 hours but i had only 10 hours because I must sleep 14 hours to just survive else i will be fatigued and i surely will faint. After 20th year of my life, the condition started morphing in to something more serious (a blood disorder). This showed all signs of leukaemia that I had to go through 6 sessions of chemo at age 22-23. This happened when I was in the USA where I didn’t have family next to me. After the session, I will not know what is an accelerator or a break in the car. I use to be so numb and tired. I don’t want anyone to go through such torture in the name of disease.

Living with a disease is hell. I hated every bit of it. This led me into understanding diseases overall. I developed a deep interest in life sciences post these experience. Of-course this has nothing to do with weight loss but it led me into the world of diseases.

In a simple way we can classify diseases into communicable and non-communicable ones. Non-communicable ones also called as NCD is typically long term and needs intervention on a long term basis. OHHDLC (Obesity, Heart, Hypertension, Diabetes, Lipids and Cancer) is that list of NCDs which strain our medical system. In our healthcare system today NCD takes up 48% of resources leaving very little energy to deal with the other half which cannot be handled without a doctor.

I figured out there is one antidote for all of OHHDLC and that is body mass. If we take care of this one number, probability of having NCD reduces. It is like one shot and you hit many birds. By just taking care of this 20%, if 80% issues can be avoided or reduced, why not? I am not saying a good body mass is everything but worth looking into it.

This is how i narrowed my focus on weight loss as an important aspect. Especially if you are a women above 35 with children, the number called weight would have hit you badly. There is no silver bullet. You must do the necessary work as no one can make you bloat or shrink except you.

This series intends to give you principles and perspectives so that you can work with it. It does give results when you approach from first principles. I have 3 years worth of data from me and from people like me (my friends) who worked with me. If this series can touch one life it has attained significance 🥂 More the merrier 🎉

Now that we have started with why, let us dig into the how and what next…

🥂to ease!

P.S: I value your attention currency deeply. Thank you 🙏

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