Gearing Up

I have heard this phrase but never understood it deeply.

“life knocks you down, but gear up and get up every single time”

This lockdown has been the best teacher of this phrase. It is blow after blow. Almost 30+ death news, 50+ job loss, 100+ illness cases, 2+ natural catastrophes and more.

When i hear it as a news, I feel bad but I brush it off and keep moving on. When the actual incident hits me, it has been a huge inside me (human bias). It has been 8-9 such blows this lockdown. Just hanging in there. On a hindsight, I have become stronger, wiser, calmer and better as a person.

Today morning I had an opportunity to sit and worry about the future or keep doing what matters without worrying about tomorrow. I chose the later and launched a program which I have been wanting to do for a long time.

Went ahead and launched it:

Happy Diwali everyone 🎉

🥂 to strength!