Here & Now

Did the lather.rinse.repeat bug you a little?

Did the questions hit you hard?

Did your sleep get disturbed a little?

The intent is not to hit you hard but to awaken the life designer in each one of us.

The typical question we ask is, yes, a lot of things are broken but where do i start?

The answer is HERE & NOW.

In the upcoming days, I am going to share how a designer designs anything (life included) and you can follow along with me on the process. Let’s crush it in 2021 💥

Let’s get started here and now.

🥂 to now!

Share Timeless Ideas to Design U

P.S: Every day article is a nugget by itself. It is designed to be a complete idea however all nuggets before are connected in a sequence. For compounding effect read in a sequence. Nevertheless you will find value from everyday.