Being aware of the source of loss help more than otherwise

Momentum loss is real especially when there are no habits, routines and systems set. This is what makes starting something harder and this is the reason why any breakage takes longer to return back or loss track.

If you are losing momentum around something, get back to the drawing board and see what is causing this loss. A few possible reasons

  1. Knowledge: You don’t know what to do but you know you have to do it.

  2. Discovery: You have no idea you have a chaos or a conflict inside.

  3. Action: You have systems set. You know what to do. You are just not doing.

  4. Track: You don’t know how to keep track and you forget

  5. Shifting priorities. Life is happening.

The least thing to bother should be number 5 as somehow you can come back to routines. You have the motivation to get back just that there is a temporary halt. The most worrisome thing is number 3. There is no replacement for non-action. For everything else there is a solution.

Single most helpful method to keep the momentum on is to keep tracking. Good, bad, ugly, keep tracking. The tracking will keep you sane and aware of what is happening and will give you booster to do better and tweak action when needed.

I have reset the momentum loss (due to life events) for G365 in Notion. Now I am able to track where-ever I am without worrying about that printed sheet of paper.

🥂 to tracking!