On Track

Day 10

Been a fab day and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

I had only one meal by 4:30PM and that is about it. I was damn hungry. Water helped. In addition to the ONE meal, I also went for a walk (45 mins) though it was 11:00 PM at night as my head was buzzing with ideas.

Now that slowly the habit is setting, I want to take one habit and follow through for 21 days each. Here is how I want to do it

  1. OMAD (Bowl method) + Water: 21 days

  2. OMAD (BM) + Walk/Jog (45 mins) : 21 days

  3. OMAD + Walk/Jog (45 mins) + Sleep (7 hours): 21 days

  4. OMAD + Walk/Jog (45) + Sleep (7) + Angamardhana (40 mins): 21 days

Let us care about the next tranche after finishing 84 days. Formulating all habits at once is a nightmare. As a behavior architect, my advise is don’t do it. Start with one. Ideally one should go on for 60 -70 days but because I have a schedule to catch up, let me do the 21 day style.

So the 21 days tranche 1 starts today. The past 10 days was adjusting time. In case you are doing this along you can follow same or similar schedule depending upon your context. I am changing the track sheet to reflect the focus.

🥂 to action!

Yo! Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me as attention is the hardest currency 🙏

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