Our Beliefs

As designers we are highly interested in the impressions of a human being.

As a species, psychologically we are made of narratives we tell ourselves. Our belief system has a strong say in who we are. We frame the stories in our minds and that becomes the foundation to who we are. We could change that frame by reframing.


Take the long list of items from Point A you have done yesterday and ask yourself why you are the way you are. If this is the first time you reading this, then go ahead and do the exercise below.

Take a fresh sheet of paper (you can bind these A4 sheets as your workbook if you like) and start putting down the staunch beliefs you have about each area (Health, Wealth, Growth, Career & People).

eg: I am fat because of my genes, my success is based on my bank balance, I should have a degree to have a career in <that> area etc.

🥂 to frames!

P.S: The idea shared every day is a nugget by itself. It is designed to be a complete idea however all nuggets before are connected in a sequence. For compounding effect read in a sequence. Nevertheless you will find value from everyday.

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