Day 9

Today was a successful day. I stuck to my plans. I spoke to my family and requested them to support me. Almost begged and pleaded 🙈

I did not go near environment which may tempt me (kitchen and dining). It was hard to exercise that WILL but it was super helpful. Out of sight is out of mind. I went to the dinning only when I wanted to eat food and other times, I just stayed far away. It was a triumph over my food disorder. yay 🥂

Family did tempt me with dinner but I stayed intact because I didn’t see food before and after my eating window. I deliberately avoided it. I didn’t track anything else. I am sure I did a ton of work but my focus was getting the OMAD successful today. I want to continue this streak for another 21 days.

Ups and downs are common. 1% betterment is all we need to focus on. I am thrilled to keep up the OMAD for 21 days. Let us see how it goes. This was more easier than restriction of the BOWL with my family. Balance is not present in my genetics I guess 😜 All this turbulence could also be due to periods and hormones but I don’t want to blame on something which has no correlation with my weakness for idli and dosas 😳

🥂 to WILL!

Yo! Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me as attention is the hardest currency 🙏

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