Self care

An excerpt from my journal

I recognised that this ideology of:

be the candle, give light to others and it is ok to burn yourself up

is a flawed concept.

Even if we go by the analogy, when there is no candle left how will you give light to others? Do we even think in that direction? Doesn’t the idea of self sustainability go for a toss.

Instead, let us change the analogy for a second.

Be the candle. Build the candle. Burn only when there is absolute necessity. There are many forms of light. For example, sunlight, a torch, a bulb, a smart phone and so many ways people figure out their own light.

You don’t have to burn yourself in a bright sunlight thinking you are the light for others. That is stupidity. Wake up.

There is care and there is self care.

Self care first!

Take away: I stopped being so hard on me. I stopped doing things that needs to burn me.

🥂 to candles!