Day 14

Slowly the habit is setting and going strong. Updating a vlog from today onwards (trying a new way to document stuff).

It is an intermittent fast with a twist using the BOWL method. It is settling in. I am not too worried about the results now because my conviction is once the routine and system is set results will happen as a side effect.

So I am highly interested in getting the habits right for the rest of the life. Even if it takes a little more time for results, it is totally worth it. Being too focused on results will throw you off the track quickly because the numbers will dictate how you feel and numbers will not be the same always.

It is the routines and systems that you must be focusing on. The rest will happen as a side effect.

Total loss: 3 Kgs.

I don’t believe it fully as it could be water loss and other fluctuations. The direction is right and I am sure it will happen with consistency.

Reflections and Tweaks:

  • My old habits of not having enough water is kicking in again.

  • I want to shift my fruit consumption to 8PM instead of 10 PM.

  • Slowly add some movement everyday for resting the buzzing head.

🥂 to consistency!

Yo! Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me as attention is the hardest currency 🙏

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