So far a number of disparate dots are thrown at you in this series. I am totally aware and sorry ☹️

Systems, input, output, signal, messengers and domino effect. Now it is time to get an understanding from these dots by connecting them. Let’s dig in.

A human body is a system. Any system has a certain design to it. It is intelligence to work with it and not against it.

The principle to note is

work with and not against

The digestive system is also a system and is made a certain way. It has several sub systems that work in tandem to produce the best possible output.

So if the system is faulty, we can blame it on the system. If the input is faulty, whom should we blame? 👀

90% of output failures we see today is due to the input quality and nothing else. Very rarely there is an issue with the system per se. Every system has it own boundaries. When issues happen beyond the boundaries, it fails. That is exactly what is happening with our bodies as well.

Two things that strains the human digestive system immensely

  • When the quantity (volume) of food is high, the digestive system overworks to ingest, digest, absorb and excrete. Naturally more input, more work to be done in processing and excreting waste. No brainer.

  • When the quality (nutrition) of food is low the absorption process of the digestive system suffers. In other words our metabolism (the sum of all chemical reactions) suffers.

If we reduce these strains on the system, the system can work like a charm as long as you are alive. We can’t work against the system and complain that the system is not working. Unfortunately we have only this system to work with for now. So let us get intelligent from now on.

A plumbing system is designed to carry water in a certain way, you can’t expect it to work the same way with oil. The viscosity matters and the system may not be able to handle it. So intelligence is to know the system and use the system accordingly.

Let us go ahead and understand more about how these strains cause all the damage to us and our looks next.

🥂to system design!

Thank you for sharing your attention currency with me 🙏

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