Everyday is different. The context keeps changing. Every change affects our environment and who we are. This triggers different reactions in us.

This week is particularly not so great. Many things. The rains, deadlines, business problems and more. It has come together. In next couple of weeks things will settle down however this week it is super fresh. So I ended up stress eating yesterday. I was aware but it was beyond me.

Everyday is a new day and today I could manage things better. The ups and downs is what makes days of life. I am planning to get this under control today. Yesterday was yesterday. I acknowledge the stressor and time to take control and tweak the direction.

One major factor is I hardly had water yesterday and this could be a huge influencer in how the body handles stress. Today the most important aspect I am going to pay attention is the consumption of water. This wonder liquid has a number of properties to manage all things body.

ūü•ā to awareness!