Now let us understand the systems behind the body. To keep up with the focus of the series let us dwell deep into digestive system. It looks like this but we are not going to study anatomy or physiology here. Let us look at it from a system design perspective.

Human digestive system | Britannica

Like all systems, even the digestive system has the input, processing and output components.

  • Input is what you consume (eat, drink)

  • Processing is how the system converts a banana into body

  • Output is what is produced as a result of processing (energy and excreta).

Without going much deeper into this rabbit hole, do we all agree that, if we don’t eat we will die?

If you are a mere mortal (not a yogi), you will hold up for 40 days in skin and bones without food but you will eventually die after 40+ days whatsoever. This clearly shows us that input is important for our survival and body functioning.

If there is no input there will be no processing. If there is crappy input, then there is crappy processing (over loaded). If there is right input there will be right processing. No brainer. So processing is heavily dependent upon on the input. Clearly output is dependent upon processing abilities and indirectly input.

There is a scenario that input was right but processing was faulty and as a result output was faulty. There could also be a scenario where everything was right just the output system was faulty and hence the system flopped. Knowing all scenarios is good but we need to focus on that one scenario which matters the most (the Pareto).

If we take this model, we clearly see that the system can break down anywhere and it is important to debug what caused the problem. So think about your digestive system using this model and it could also mean that it is not even the system actually but what comes into the system. Bingo! That is what happens with digestive system.

Typically, 80% of the time, it is the quality of input that causes the digestive system to fail. If you pour in petrol into a diesel engine, it will run for some time in a sluggish way but it will fail eventually. So what fuel are you feeding in matters a lot. Let us dig into what we feed next.

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