Weight Loss Series

What an amazing month July has been in terms of learning! 30 timeless ideas about personal finance, drip by drip every single day. Wasn’t it fun to explore different aspects of the same topic? If you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you. By just saying what you feel, how things are with you, you will help me make things better. Gratitude 🙏 Just reply to this email and I will read every single word.

I wrote every day from my bones. I attained financial independence at the age of 32 and then i blew it at the age of 38 with stupid mistakes and not knowing how to handle money. Earning money is hard and keeping money is even harder. Now I am 41.

The past three years has been a roller coaster ride as I have hit refresh in the name of life design. I spent the time to get my head around everything life. I drew a line and said cheers to my third innings and started literally from ZERO in all walks of life. Health, Wealth, Career, Finance and Relationships. Design U was born from there. People call it mid-life crises and I call it mid-life awakening. You don’t need mid-life crisis to reset your life. You can do it today!

As a designer, I solve wicked problems every single day for others. If we could push the human race forward with our innate abilities to solve problems, then why not nudge ourselves a little more and care about ourselves a lot more with the same principles and processes?

Today we start to explore the next big topic of Design U called weight loss in the category of personal health and wellbeing.

I am excited by topics which has exponential returns. Understanding life on the whole as a bunch of phenomena (first 30 days), understanding human nature as a foundation (second 30 days) and understanding money (third 30 days), we have already conquered life by 80 percent (sort of) already.

Now this weight loss series will help us conquer the most powerful tool that we behold as a human being. It is our body. In the world of Pareto, if we just harness one aspect (20%) called body mass, 80 percent of wellness is conquered for the human. What a powerful conquer would that be?

I have been doing multiple experiments in this area for the past 3 years and now i have an innate understanding around how our bodies work. It took me a lot of time and energy to figure things out this as the muck in this area was a lot more. The amount of misinformation floating around is mind blowing. The most shocking part of my journey was our doctors and nutritionists don’t know enough about this topic. They could not put things together around how the whole human body works. Hence it took me a lot more time and 6 experiments to get to where I am.

In the next 30 days I want to share the most important nuggets you must know about your body and how to take care of it. The principle based approach has done more good to me and my friends in the past year. So far we have reversed obesity, heart issues, hyper tension, thyroid issues, PCOD, cholesterol and diabetes. This is irrespective of the age.

Let me warn you, it may be against all diets and BS out there but hey, it is what it is.I can prove it with data. I was able to reduce 24 kgs in 9 months and my friends were able to reduce 26 kgs in one year. Simple principles and simple methods. So let’s go ahead and talk about body mass every single day for the next 30 days 💪

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🥂to health!