What Rummy taught me

What a funky title for today!

In the past three weeks, a big news of terminal illness hit our family and we are still gulping it. As usual, doctors give you a predicted dates depending upon the stage of the cancer. This time they said 6 months and that is 180 days in total.

Given this time, I decided to see how we can make better memories during this period. My father in law is a sportsman. He plays all sort of things. From chess to cricket, he covers it all.

To take the gloom away, we decided to play cards every evening. This has been the best decision so far. I have no clue about the rules and the game. But my intent was to spend time with him. So i ended up learning a bunch of things.

  1. how to hold the cards in my hands (don’t laugh, i had no clue)

  2. how to reduce cognitive load just by arranging it in right sequences (information architecture in steroids)

  3. how to strategise winning (by keeping points low or by playing probability)

  4. how to judge the probability and act fast. being observant and quantitative.

  5. how to keep tracking of scoring to keep things on over 7 games. We don’t win every game but you can win overall by being less stupid.

  6. an opportunity to bond and talk about something else completely off the charts.

  7. & more

Everyday I am getting better and my scoreboard looks leaner. It has been just one week. There is nothing in this world that is not your teacher.

The question to ask is do you want be a learner?

🥂 to learning!