How can we have a neuro series and not talk about mindfulness 🙈 I am a huge fan of all things that work and bring positive impact to human lives. Mindfulness is surely one of them. I come from the eastern part of the globe and these topics are not new to our culture. It is a part and parcel of how we grow up. Yoga, nirvana, karma, compassion are a part of our everyday vocabulary. The problem is it is subjective, esoteric, philosophical and it goes above our head to understand it using a rational mind. My rational, analytical mind struggled to understood why it works and why it is so complicated to understand? When I hear advices like “everything is one and we all are connected, I go nuts” 😳. I ask, where is the data? what proof do you have blah. I can sound like an ass but I genuinely wanted to know more about the world that works but can’t reason it to my research brain.

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