Point A

Taking a stock of you are here

Was it overwhelming to write in a blank sheet of paper about your status quo based on yesterday? Where you wondering what to write and what not to write?

Today let us do it in a structured manner.

Here is a step by step guide to do this activity. Let’s go ahead and write about specific areas. Let the focus be on one one area at a time.


Take 5 sheets of paper and go in this order (just stick to it)

  1. Your health and fitness (include physical, mental, emotional and energy fitness)

  2. Your inner circle and intimate relationships (family, best friends, business partners and more)

  3. Your career (your art, your vocation, your skills, your accomplishments and more)

  4. Your finance (your investments, bank balances, debts and more)

  5. Your community (where you belong, like minded tribes and more)

Finally take one last sheet of paper/page and write about YOU which is detached from your job titles, bank balances, your six packs/figurines, your knowledge/competence, your people but just YOU. This is the hardest one. Give it a shot.

If you are keen to try out my DesignUOS, you can ping me and I can help you with some templates that I used for myself.

🥂 to structure!

P.S: The idea shared every day is a nugget by itself. It is designed to be a complete idea however all nuggets before are connected in a sequence. For compounding effect read in a sequence. Nevertheless you will find value from everyday.

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