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As designers our job is typically domain agnostic and human centric. This aspect of our profession allows us to solve any and all wicked problems out there (including designing life).

So what gives the edge to jump into any domain, any problem, any stage and any aspect?

Let me share the secret sauce (our design process) with you so that we can start designing our lives the way we desire.

The first step of design process is Status Quo. We take stock of your “you are here”. In other words we start with your status quo from right where you are (Read this).

We don’t worry about the past (what we know and what we don’t know).

We don’t even worry about the future ( how the next min or next year will turn out to be). Instead we focus on the here & now and look deeply into where you are.

This anchor helps us to get started.


Here is a simple exercise you could do to understand your Point A (your status quo ask you are here). Take a sheet of paper or open a notion document and just type away everything about your current status quo. Just pour it out on that blank sheet. You can type away or sketch away or map away. Whatever works for you.

If you are keen to try out my DesignUOS, you can ping me and I can help you with some templates that I used for myself.

🥂 to point A!

P.S: The idea shared every day is a nugget by itself. It is designed to be a complete idea however all nuggets before are connected in a sequence. For compounding effect read in a sequence. Nevertheless you will find value from everyday.

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